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Summer Sandal Trends

Warm weather is here and it calls for bringing out some sandals! We're here to break down the trends so you can stay in style. According to Vogue, theres 6 styles we're seeking this summer: Double Straps, Leather Lace ups, Dainty Thongs, Slingback Sandals, Chunky Sandals, and Eccentric Mules.

Double Straps

First off we've got Double Straps, a classic and a summer staple. Bringing comfort to your casual summer fits.

Leather Lace Ups

Leather Lace ups are a summer favorite, and according to Vogue, "For those searching for something classic with a romantic twist". Try our Christi Sandal for a customizable, creative look.

Dainty Thongs

Thongs are great choice for minimalists and simple summer styles. For a sleek look and feel, and a timeless style, heeled dainty thongs are whats in this summer.

Slingback Sandals

Slingback sandals bring a summer-time vibe. Allowing your feet to breathe and bringing a sleek style to your wardrobe is in!

Chunky Sandals

Chunky sandals are a classic, that according to Vogue, can "ground your look." Luxurious chunky platforms are perfect with summer dresses and can ground or uplift your favorite summer looks.

Eccentric Mules

It's been a long year so far, and according to vogue, "we’re celebrating reemergence with fun, fantastical fashion." Styles incorporating bright colors and fun details are "smile-inducing" and a great way to jazz up any style this summer season.

Whether you're going for sleek and simple, or fun and creative this summer, we've got you covered with your 2021 summer trends.

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